Ms. Hira Khan

About: Ms. Hira Khan

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Classes Handling
Class Name Class Type
Conversation with Quran Junior online
Conversation with Quran Senior online
Path To Deen Junior online
Path To Deen Senior online
Topics Handling
Course Name Lesson Name Complexity Length
Quran With Tajweed Senior Introductio to Arabic Abjad Easy 30 mins

Ms. Hira Khan happens to be a Qualified Alima from Wafaq ul Madaris and phase 5+ years of experience in teaching Quran with Tajweed and Quran with Tafseer. She has been teaching Junior Students and Senior Students and has great communication skills to transfer her knowledge.


She has command of Quranic Arabic, Urdu as she is a native speaker and fluency in English. Her teaching methodology is student-centric to bring down the topic to students' intellect where students can grab the idea.